When you choose to buy a Tenba product from one of our retailers, please note that each retailer has its own satisfaction/return policy. Returns and return inquiries should always be addressed to the place where the Tenba product was purchased.

Please understand that customised products are excluded.

If your Tenba bag or case fails due to manufacturing or material defects, we will fix or replace it. Tenba bags and cases are meticulously constructed of excellent materials and components. Our inspection process strives for "zero tolerance" of defects, and we back it up with a clear-cut warranty. If you discover a defect in materials or workmanship, please contact us before returning your product (we may be able to solve your problem faster by sending you a replacement part). We will determine the best way to handle your claim (parts, repair, or replacement, at our discretion) and take care of you quickly. Warranty covers original workmanship and material defects only. Failure due to misuse, alteration or improper handling is not covered. Tenba bags are made to perform and look great for years, but signs of normal wear are be expected with any fabric product and are not covered by warranty. Warranty covers Tenba bags and cases only; customer accepts responsibility for determining suitability and fitness for use, and therefore consequential damages are not warranted.

All Tenba bags, except for Air Cases, Car Cases, Tripaks and Long Lens Bags, come with a 5-year warranty that covers original workmanship and material defects. Air Cases, Car Cases, Tripaks and Long Lens Bags come with a 2-year warranty.

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